The department of Biotechnology at CHA University cultivates Multi-faceted creative people in the field of biology.


The department of Biotechnology is a discipline in which molecular, cellular and organic components of living systems and organisms are studied to develop new technologies and have a wide range of beneficial effects on human beings. In addition, technological convergence allows scientists to integrate biotechnology with pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry, functional material engineering, biochemistry, and information technology, subsequently providing advanced medical services and constituting an integral part of the world-leading cutting-edge industries.

The department of Biotechnology at CHA University was established in 2009 to cultivate world-leading biological specialists and develop advanced biological education, responding to national demands for harnessing the science and fueling the growth of Korea’s biotechnology. Since its establishment, the biotechnology department has made tremendous and sustained efforts to cultivate multi-faceted creative people in the field of bio industry.

CHA University developed an educational program in 2016 based on “Vision 2020”, a strategic planning to train all students to be creative in the field of biology, define and solve biological problems themselves, and present their business plan with integrated mind. The followings are three main components of the educational program.   


1) Bio Future Design: Curriculum for Careers in the Biological Sciences and
Innovative Educational Programs to allow students to face future challenges.

2) Bio Dream Project: Aiming to develop global leader competency frameworks and implementing Faculty Employment project for CHA university graduates.

3) Bio Familylike Team: as a global strategy, effective three-ways communication among Student-parents-professors and the clear vision for the future are established to encourage students to study at foreign universities through International Student Exchange Programs.



We will help you achieve your ambition by overcoming challenges and opening up opportunities in the department of Biotechnology at CHA University. With us, your dream will come true in the not too distant future.